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Strong financial regulation 


GCAP adheres to the highest standards in corporate governance, financial reporting and disclosure, and its member companies are regulated in seven major regulatory jurisdictions around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Your trading funds will be separated from our funds and held in segregated accounts at top banks. Even if we cease operations, your funds will remain safe. 

One-stop trading for global OTC financial markets


Founded in 1999, GCAP Group is one of the leaders in the global online trading industry. With its excellent trading experience, excellent execution, and consistent low cost, GCAP Group has won the trust and loyalty of customers around the world! Jiasheng's OTC products cover precious metals such as gold and silver, currency pairs, stock indices, British and American crude oil, US and Hong Kong stocks, ETF funds, iron ore, copper and other commodities. 

Award-winning trading platform and tools


Whether you are a novice trader or a veteran, we provide suitable trading platforms for different types of traders, including the GAIN Capital exclusive trading platform, GAIN Capital MetaTrader4, and MetaTrader5 platforms. You can find a suitable platform to meet your unique trading needs.

Companies of StoneX Group  


GCAP is a company of Nasdaq-listed StoneX Group, which supports you with its strong financial performance and solid security. With strong financial strength, GCAP Group keeps all customers' funds in separate isolation to protect the safety of their assets.  

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